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Hello Most Honourable Guests and Staff Members


The 2000 year old Catholic Church is a jewel still standing through 

mistakes (dismissing Galileo), and all sorts of protestants (totally

in their good right.) There has been enough said about some sorry

servants of the Church. The never ending complaints have come to


Replace all males by women. It will please God.

To support this, my just six years old son was asked about his idea

of God. He said, "God is a Women." Just in elementary school, the 

kid comes to an elementary solution for this day.

The old church is wise  -with the return to latin-  a work of beauty.

Virtually all in Virtual Cafe WIM will agree: save that work of beauty.

The Anglicans protested long ago. They married. Sensible, I'd say.

'Long live the Queen of England.'


We are spellbound, Wim. Always good food: for the body and the soul.


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10.08 | 09:35

If you might remember me? We shared a street, we shared a building, we shared a time... Jones & Lee, 453 Sussex Drive, 1969-1983

26.07 | 11:24

Gotto try that! Lol

26.07 | 11:17

Love being here Wim. Being there virtually is good for the soul.

12.03 | 23:29

I wanedt a word in on up-lifting the situation to-day. Good luck to us all.

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