What did he say?

What did he say?

People were talking about me, I know.
They were curious what I would do next.
 There was a lot of noise. I did hear:

"What did he say?"  "Virtual", I said.  'Virtual', not really
 there but having a practical purpose..

Virtual Cafe WIM will present a menu.  with information, good information of the last thirty-five years. Useful items that you can use now, smack in the rushes of mid-life-living.

Presenting a menu means, showing what Virtual Cafe Wim (VCM) has to offer. The Honourable Guest, You can choose what is of good use to you, knowing it is solid stuff: well-researched.

If you know, overheard, or read that I am the grandson of a GG =Governor General (The Netherlands West Indies) that is true.
In my book "Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive", I have good advice.

Sure, the book is memory lane, feels good, recall good days. Apart from that my note-taking aim is for good use. Once, brought-up well and you can run a cafe, or do ANYthing, well.

If "Cafe WIM a touch-of-Dutch on Sussex Drive" is on your coffee table, please note: there is one page that is worth the price you paid. Any questions: wim.tenholder@gmail.com I'll answer you.

Virtual is the way to go.Wim

Cafe WIM a touch-of-Dutch on Sussex Drive free delivery in Ottawa Center/ Ottawa West. Other vicinity $5.00 The original price $24.95 is now $20.00. Use super simple INTERAC: go to your bank-on-line and follow their instructions





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12.11 | 17:21

Thank you Dad,

Very impressive !
It was an honour to be your partner as we worked together to build Cafe Wim.

. . . And Mom was a great member of the team !

27.09 | 19:48

Thanks Steve, heart-warming to see that Cafe WIM was useful and Virtual Cafe WIM is discovered.
You touch on some super People: Nancy and Kelly. I wrote a book "Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive" if you
want it, it is $24,95. For you $20.-even +$9.- which is for

26.09 | 20:00

Loved that place. My brothe Dave and I worked for Debria Jewelers and added touches. Many friend worked at the cafe; Kelly Lafleur, Nancy, and many others.

26.09 | 00:42

Seriously, to-day is the first time I see your good Wishes. Thank you. Do write a line of feedback on my blog. Welcome to Virtual Cafe WIM. XO

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