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A bikini comment

Nice to chat this morning, August 5 in 2015. I can see looking around this virtual table that you are quite curious about the title of this page. Well, it's Summer.

Your headline is "A Bikini Comment." Is it about the shows at Cafe WIM, bikinis in general, or the little affairs you see, as the English say, "on-the-continent?"

Yah, Summer-wear fashion, such as Calgary for instance. Women wear shorts. Super short. Cannot possibly be shorter. Showing  l o n g  brown legs. They all do.  Nice !

How about Ottawa? You know Wim, we are sitting here
on what used to be a small lumber town surrounded by
farms that only recently rose to international level.

Yes, a huge 55 year'build-up from 1960, when I came here. Then, in the early 60s, Iris was send-off the beach at Mooney's Bay for wearing a rather modest bikini.

We all remember the Dutch girls who had come-over for a Twin-Cities Sports Event for being send-off for
their top-less wear. Later the City voted in favour.

My bikini comment: Iris made body ornaments. Of such
refinement and finish they were more like body jewelry.
People with travel papers in hand came-in to order one.

We were at your Cafe shows and it was fantastic. We all loved that kind of "jewelry." So, you Wim, you were
nudging the locals to try that too; some up-dating ?

You said it. I even wrote a letter to the Department of Tourism: "I never had a better view of pure gold" such as a Canada-wide allowance for "Freedom-On-The-Beach."

Wim, hopefully we get to that. The tourism industry
is a big source of income for Ontario and all of Canada may rise to a Royal Consent: "Freedom on the beach."

I like that: royal freedom. Thank you. I am off to work.

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12.03 | 23:29

I wanedt a word in on up-lifting the situation to-day. Good luck to us all.

13.09 | 08:40

Such a beautiful little piece, Wim. Thank you for brightening my morning around the table.

02.07 | 16:10

Nice encouragement.
Thank you most heartily

01.07 | 12:24

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