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A transfer like "air with air"

The challenge was to put rough-edged every day life in a dignified Sussex Drive building and offer excellent comfort -a game of chess, maybe? under fans on a 14 foot high ceiling. The feel of a new suit without expectations. A cafe in an impressive restaurant setting.

Yet, merely a no-where else atmospere, except Holland. Building on a notion of "gezelligheid" which is a sphere that the Dutch hold very dear; akin to the life-blood of that nation. Gezelligheid especially in the Autumn and Winter season. A fine 'touch-of-Dutch.'

WHAT IS A SPHERE? According to the great Dutch writer Louis Couperus, "...really not there and then it is there." A light, joyous circumstance as in Milton's 'When angels kiss',  "easier than air with air if spirits embrace, total they mix, a union of pure with pure. Desiring

To transfer that "air" to the internet, to begin a VIRTUAL CAFE WIM (as suggested a.o. by Carolyn Carson) will be my endeavour for all of the new 2014 year. I hope that the genius of the eletronics industry comes to my aid. NOTE:..a place to REALLY meet is in the making !!!

For the moment, I look forward to hear from People who were pleased with Cafe WIM in the 1980 and 1990 years in preferrably 3 line comments how to make it happen, how to transfer "air with air" as the title suggests.... Kindly use space below.  THANK You.  Wim





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DONE Sending...

Steve Ellis | Reply 26.09.2016 20.00

Loved that place. My brothe Dave and I worked for Debria Jewelers and added touches. Many friend worked at the cafe; Kelly Lafleur, Nancy, and many others.

Wim ten Hagen ten Holder 27.09.2016 19.48

Thanks Steve, heart-warming to see that Cafe WIM was useful and Virtual Cafe WIM is discovered.
You touch on some super People: Nancy and Kelly. I wrote a book "Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive" if you
want it, it is $24,95. For you $20.-even +$9.- which is for

Marg & Tom Virany | Reply 20.10.2013 00.38

Dear Iris and Wim.
Thank you for a wonderful party. We would like to buy a membership and will give the money to Iris when we see her.
Marg & Tom

Britta | Reply 30.09.2013 23.14

Hi Wim and Iris,
Would love to come to see you on the 12th! Would I be able to get one of your special invites?

Iris | Reply 30.09.2013 13.47

Looking forward to join you on October 12th at Cafe WIM Reunion

mim pearse | Reply 19.09.2013 19.00

Hi Wim
I just found out that I can come to Ottawa for the reunion. Are there still places available? Let me know by email. I would love to see everyone again.

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13.09 | 08:40

Such a beautiful little piece, Wim. Thank you for brightening my morning around the table.

02.07 | 16:10

Nice encouragement.
Thank you most heartily

01.07 | 12:24

Oh Canada - Sharing Wim's blog

12.11 | 17:21

Thank you Dad,

Very impressive !
It was an honour to be your partner as we worked together to build Cafe Wim.

. . . And Mom was a great member of the team !

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