1903 - 1933

There he is, Wim Senior

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Wim Th. ten Holder (see photo)
Born in Deventer, The Netherlands
Schooling: Canisius College, Nijmegen
University of Nijmegen, Law
Piano recitals in the university'aula.
Made oil paintings on canvas
Expert book-binding in leather
Born, November 11 1903
Married in 1932 to Meta ten Hagen                  
In 1933,  30th birthday.
Died, December 24  1933, in Nijmegen
Meta left her house Denne Zathe in           
De Steeg (close to: Rheden/Arnhem)     
She bought a house in Switserland.
Meta married a judge in The Hague
I went to Canada with Iris P.M.Maul.             
Wim Th.ten Hagen ten Holder,   Ottawa.
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10.08 | 09:35

If you might remember me? We shared a street, we shared a building, we shared a time... Jones & Lee, 453 Sussex Drive, 1969-1983

26.07 | 11:24

Gotto try that! Lol

26.07 | 11:17

Love being here Wim. Being there virtually is good for the soul.

12.03 | 23:29

I wanedt a word in on up-lifting the situation to-day. Good luck to us all.

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