A powerful 2015 and kindly accept my wish for You..: a Cafe WIM' sphere.
The unexpected good happening, the gypsy sounds, Bach's Brandenburg
Conc.3., the rousing vitality; waves of voices mixed in chess board clicks.

Carolyn Carson wrote to me: "...a virtual Cafe WIM is a very enjoyable idea."
I do my best to recreate Cafe WIM with that bubble of merriment...virtually,
sometimes with purpose: a true and good story, usually....WIMSICALLY.

Please, write me an e-card, or letter. I miss you. 3-line paragraphs are best.
Let the fun begin.
A Virtual Cafe WIM.
The unimaginable things of 1970, -'80. 
How do you really get to be 82 ? 
How to build a 'hot' cafe.
History notes.

Wim     see my blog:
Please, send your best e-mail address (safe) and throw an encouragement.
I will delete your e-mail address when you ask me to. Yours As Always, Wim

Will you attend?

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02.07 | 16:10

Nice encouragement.
Thank you most heartily

01.07 | 12:24

Oh Canada - Sharing Wim's blog

12.11 | 17:21

Thank you Dad,

Very impressive !
It was an honour to be your partner as we worked together to build Cafe Wim.

. . . And Mom was a great member of the team !

27.09 | 19:48

Thanks Steve, heart-warming to see that Cafe WIM was useful and Virtual Cafe WIM is discovered.
You touch on some super People: Nancy and Kelly. I wrote a book "Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive" if you
want it, it is $24,95. For you $20.-even +$9.- which is for

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