1980, Glory Be.

As you sit languidly in Cafe WIM you notice it is spacious. The ceiling does not come into view.
It is 14 feet up. The fresh, live palm trees bring the height down a bit.

There is a curious array of fine art. Watercolours by Richard Gorman an artist of American and European reknown. Solid granite sculpture, like the "Moses" by John Moore.
Light, elegant work in pure sterling silver by Michael Parkin. Steel plate molded to weightless smooth lines as that of "Dolphin"
by Bert van der Gugten.

A rich pleasure that thick bush of fresh-cut flowers on your table and the whiff of a rose.  On all tables around thick bunches of flowers.

The settings on the tables meticulously placed. The table tops of solid white Italian-Florentine marble.

The music from the radio: C.B.C. No less!
By comparison to other entertainement providers the very BEST !

This is decidedly a good start of the day,sitting there in the morning-quiet at Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive, a road that smoothes the way to private meetings at the P.M., or G.G. !

A rather glamourous young woman comes to you to offer a magazine, or writing paper, a game of chess-solitaire with others' notations?

But you order coffee. It is still early.

The coffee is brought with cream decanter and a large windmill cookie, which by request can be replaced many times and free of charge.

Relaxed, you sit back in your chair and when the girl comes by again, "Madam, I've heard that there are fashion shows, even BIKINI shows is that correct information?"

"Wim was asked to participate in Winterlude by the N.C.C. The idea of doing something the opposite of cold, they thought of bikini shows. Wim invited people from the embassies. They do not need much behavioural training, attended maintain lessons, know how to carry themselves. They ride horses, do other exercises. They are in really good shape and they are of top-level families. Would you like another coffee?"

"Where is Wim?"

"Out there", she points to the front window.

"The man sweeping the side walk?"

"Yes, that's him. He tells people where to find washrooms of the cafe to refresh, to feel and look good, he says."

"He does?"

"I am a restaurateur, he says"


"Yes, no one of us has seen a place like this before. We like to work here. Another Colombian coffee?"

"Yes please. It smells great."



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10.08 | 09:35

If you might remember me? We shared a street, we shared a building, we shared a time... Jones & Lee, 453 Sussex Drive, 1969-1983

26.07 | 11:24

Gotto try that! Lol

26.07 | 11:17

Love being here Wim. Being there virtually is good for the soul.

12.03 | 23:29

I wanedt a word in on up-lifting the situation to-day. Good luck to us all.

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