How did you get here to-day? Of course, you want to know if there is some useful stuff hanging around virtual cafe WIM. Nice to see you all. Beautyful and much younger Christina, Steven, Nancy, Dean, Brian, Mim.

Bastille Day still blasting away a few hours ago in Paris, France, all on screen and gratefully observed tucked away in the heavy foliage of Britannia Village. Bastille Day, it's all over the world. See it on screen.

You wonder what it's all about?

The tax was too heavy. People starved. Where did money go? To the King. What did the King do with all that money? He wanted to wage war in a far away country. Sounds very famliar? (Country: America.)

Sounds like the situation the U.S. is in. The war-business is costly. So, can you, Wim per chance say how to save the world and for generations to come..,that they live happily, strong and healthy?

From a Dutchman's point of view? Sure. Realizing a big dream for the future starts small. So..? Do away with as much polution as possible. BEST by far is using the BICYCLE. Pump blood through. Healthy.

Eventually, you use the CAR for weekends, put TV out, don't smoke. That is what I did. So you, for sure. Second is money sanitation all over the world. Who owes what to who? Bring-in new global standard.

Good try Wim. We will come to your virtual place more often, depending what's on your menu. We saw BEST, so we thought you were going to say that Cafe WIM appeared under BEST in the Citizen.

We already knew that; refreshing that Best means bicycle to you now. We noticed that this virtual Cafe WIM feels quite nice, like you know an old suit. Old suits are disgarded. This one still comfortable.

Thanks folks. Hope to see you in the real world once more.




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07.09 | 19:54

Delightful. Contact, nice and gentle makes my Big Day.
Love you totally.

07.09 | 15:12

Whether blogs or books, your way with words is both whimsical and interesting. You are a delightful inspiration - please keep writing! Happy Birthday Dad 💝

04.05 | 10:09

Hello. I too would love a copy of the book. I spent many a happy afternoon and evening at Wim in my teens. It was a home away from home.

14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

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