In MANNERS POWER is a drive to succeed that is over and above wishing that your dream comes true. Medical students in their 3rd and 4th year will not say that being on the hospital grounds from 6 am to 6 pm and beyond, plus study a 1200+ pages thome is vry tough, but Family will.

The expression "you have to kill yourself to succeed" is the way to "put yourself on the map." Sure it is possible to get a law-degree, do not marry, specialize in real-estate, date beautiful girls and fade-away from overindulgence. No problem. No world-wide fame.

Thanks to newspaper and magazine reports, the ones who do not rest until they found a cure for an illness, the lawyer who gets into politics, reaches an appreciable level of income and then takes on mediating in a strike, or organized crime, labour disputes,.. gets applause.

A young friend asked me about Cafe WIM. How could he do that too. I din't want to say "kill yourself c." Yet, you will deal with more fatique then you thought at first. The medical student, the tough lewyer, the man with two jobs per 24 hrs know the expression well.

When I am not meeting friends at Virtual Cafe WIM, I have time to put experiences on paper that I read-up on. Good manners as exemplified in The Little Lord Fauntleroy however sweet and un-real may give an idea of its power, just as good hand-writing does for relaxation.

Know what you want and do what it takes is what I found quite helpful in avoiding a hit in traffic, a fall of the roof, clearing snow in winter and over-doing the garden no matter how attractive getting things finished in one day is. 

As the radio annoucer said warning American soldiers about partying at midnight, "Now take it easy on the raod, THE LIFE YOU SAVE....MAYBE YOUR OWN. Beautiful deep baritone voice. So, a pause gets you there faster.

See you in a few days as things are getting hotter and better. For now it was INTERMISSION on the way to MANNERS POWER that will be further discussed around a table in Virtual Cafe WIM   


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DONE Sending...

Madeleine | Reply 21.05.2016 16:07

Know what you want and do what it takes.

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07.09 | 19:54

Delightful. Contact, nice and gentle makes my Big Day.
Love you totally.

07.09 | 15:12

Whether blogs or books, your way with words is both whimsical and interesting. You are a delightful inspiration - please keep writing! Happy Birthday Dad 💝

04.05 | 10:09

Hello. I too would love a copy of the book. I spent many a happy afternoon and evening at Wim in my teens. It was a home away from home.

14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

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