Nice to see your in my friends meeting place in the center of Ottawa, hard to reach at times but the PULL was strong. We just HAD TO go, meet, be in that sphere with 14 ft high ceilings. Now obviously we have

VIRTUAL Cafe WIM. From the response (60.000. so far), it's useful. 1951, we got a good place in the corner of a similar cafe in The Hague, Holland and we looked at each other and felt good....SIXTY years ago.

I had the luxury of being with her until one day a woman came over to our table at the National Gallery' Dome-Plaza and said bending over to look at us close-by, "you seem such happy, married couple together."

YOU can see Iris, really !  You may remember from the Sussex Drive time 1979 - 2000, that Iris was the one who kept the cafe going with lots of advice from her HUISHOUDSCHOOL in Leiden (Home Experts.)

She travelled the United States and Mexico and her art work was well-received. She is at 

105  Britannia Road,  EVERY SUNDAY,   2 - 5  pm.  Come!  Meet again.

Her study concentration is the dot. Comparable to the dot/com, now in a larger way:  called.....the circle.  To get an idea of what she did type:  Meditation comes to mind and also

A vibrant colour-burst on your wall and used for...meditations !!

A "LOOK AT THAT" moment of surprise on a wall-to-wall carpet,

A table rug, a truly attractive happening by itself between meals.

A framed wall hanging that entertains Family or Office Clients,

A spot that cats are atracted to: seems they love to curl-up on,

A variety of coasters that Guests will be surprised with.

Made with expensive, colourfast, DRALON -to last for generations.

Exactly, you will have an  HEIRLOOM  a special Family treasure that your kids will pass to their kids. That  happy  circle fits-in with alltrends of the future. Made by Iris -winner of the Design Canada Award.


A second of your time to make a comment ? ("Virtual" is alive, right?)

Thank you from

Wim your virtual cafe WIM host, also alive with insider informationNEXT

MANNERS  III  How  MANNERS  can be important now in the U.S. !!!!  W.



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07.09 | 19:54

Delightful. Contact, nice and gentle makes my Big Day.
Love you totally.

07.09 | 15:12

Whether blogs or books, your way with words is both whimsical and interesting. You are a delightful inspiration - please keep writing! Happy Birthday Dad 💝

04.05 | 10:09

Hello. I too would love a copy of the book. I spent many a happy afternoon and evening at Wim in my teens. It was a home away from home.

14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

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