Intro to Manners

The Manners paper

At the entrance of Virtual Cafe WIM you will see
a bulletin board, next to the pay telephones just
as you come in on the left, with the heading MANNERS.

Is this about proper behaviour? Like  taking your hat off
in church? Don't spit on the schoolground as the heavy-
handed principal happens to be coming your way.

No, not that. There is actually nothing on that paper
that children would read. Not the casual passer-by.
A Cafe'Guest might recognize the style of writing.

The Guest might be amused, move-in closer to discover
an address to Guests in their twenties, thirty years ago.
Very, very useful stuff for their child or grandchild.

Guests who were sitting around the table of Virtual
Cafe WIM a month ago, were quite interested to hear
what very useful stuff Wim was going to give away.

Now it is on the bulletin board rather dangerously
loosely fastened -who did staple it anyway? It can
easily come off , get picked-up by a breeze and ...gone.

That is how things go. As far back as  5000 BC. Things
were found and kept, treasured, handed-over and
found to be useful as historic document or content.

I wish this slim strip of text will not be blown by the
wind into other dust on the street, stayng long enough
to see sequels appear on manners from the age of Seven.

An Invitation to chat on February 14  -dear VALENTINE  is observed on a Sunday, will be going out to Virtual Cafe WIM'
 Guests LIVE in a to be announced coffee-place.  tt  Wim

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Latest comments

12.11 | 17:21

Thank you Dad,

Very impressive !
It was an honour to be your partner as we worked together to build Cafe Wim.

. . . And Mom was a great member of the team !

27.09 | 19:48

Thanks Steve, heart-warming to see that Cafe WIM was useful and Virtual Cafe WIM is discovered.
You touch on some super People: Nancy and Kelly. I wrote a book "Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive" if you
want it, it is $24,95. For you $20.-even +$9.- which is for

26.09 | 20:00

Loved that place. My brothe Dave and I worked for Debria Jewelers and added touches. Many friend worked at the cafe; Kelly Lafleur, Nancy, and many others.

26.09 | 00:42

Seriously, to-day is the first time I see your good Wishes. Thank you. Do write a line of feedback on my blog. Welcome to Virtual Cafe WIM. XO

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