After You

After You

Heavy billows of Mother Nature's Spring aromas sit on the e-lines that keep Virtual Cafe WIM in place. Flower bunches everywhere were part of the real Sussex Drive happening until the last embrace, last kiss.

Then questions about a book that was written as if describing a film studio set. Who is the woman coming through the doorway in an ankle long dress which by streetlight reflexion seemed evaporated? Yes. Who?

Hello Happy Virtual Cafe WIM Guests. Happy to see you relaxed and relieved from the last 16C high of the day; as if you can't wait to be out again speed bicycling without left-over cold air to breath.

Wim, why do you always say, "guests", not "customers"?

My Dutch background. One speaks of Cafe "gasten." I stuck to that and used "Guest." "A "customer" is a person who made his Cafe-going out of habit. At Cafe WIM, one comes on purpose and I say, "Be My Guest."

Oke Wim. Is Dutch really German. Isn't Dutch the German language"?

The German language is Deutsch. Dutch belongs to The Netherlands. The country is also referred to as Holland. I am a Dutchman, or if you wish, Nederlander, or even Hollander. I am from The Hague.

It is a bit of Babylonian Merriment to us, Wim. So what is on your mind?

A high quality of MANNERS.

Isn't good manners sufficient to succeed in life?

We are over the age of 21. What is really on my mind is WOMEN.

Anyone we know?

I want to divert from manners and being successful in the office. In a movie, I heard the cry, "WOMEN FIRST' and "WOMEN and CHILDREN" as the ship was sinking. Afterwards, they are not all well-treated.

In what way?

The magic ls: DISCIPLINE IN THE BEDROOM. We all know what "coming" means. So..., when the woman says, "were you coming?", the husband rolls over. He is content. What about that "Women First?"

Sounds a bit abrupt. 

The woman must be given that "coming" first. A superior successful manner. See the lightning fast glimpse of a knowledgeable smile that says, you're my man, when she hears him say.................

"After you."

Exactly. You all were so fast to understand. Pleased to see you again soon and BE MY GUEST.

Thanks Wim, good show.


The woman's name? Melanie. See p.120 in "Cafe WIM' on Sussex Drive."

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02.07 | 16:10

Nice encouragement.
Thank you most heartily

01.07 | 12:24

Oh Canada - Sharing Wim's blog

12.11 | 17:21

Thank you Dad,

Very impressive !
It was an honour to be your partner as we worked together to build Cafe Wim.

. . . And Mom was a great member of the team !

27.09 | 19:48

Thanks Steve, heart-warming to see that Cafe WIM was useful and Virtual Cafe WIM is discovered.
You touch on some super People: Nancy and Kelly. I wrote a book "Cafe WIM on Sussex Drive" if you
want it, it is $24,95. For you $20.-even +$9.- which is for

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