Hello Honourable Guests and Staff Members. I see that you are snug and comfortable around the tables. From a cafe owners' point of view that is a return on investments: THAT ambience.

It seems that you want to say, that your cafe-life has come to a fulfilling job. Wouild you say that 'all-told, cafe-ownership is the best thing to be doing and close to a perfect life?

Close. I warn you, my delightful fellowmen for my logic: we don't know where we came from and do not know where we go, therefore we cannot achieve perfection in this instability.

That, Wim is the same as Thomas Aquinas said a few years back (1250), 'God is perfect.' Implying that humans are not. It comes down to the same: ours is impefection.

Quite. Automobile companies for example: unbelievable rigorous testing, still big recalls. Two experienced writers write a book, edit thoroughly, still..: 'typos.'

We can tell you now, respectfully that Cafe WIM had such attraction because it shamelessly hung to gether by threats of a fabric in which holes held the majority -close to perfection.

That is as precise as that happening can be described. Thomas Aquinas also said, "I value nothing more than true friendship." With this cafe we've come to intensely good meetings.

As you say, Wim, we don't know one end from the other and meeting each other in a cafe offers untold possibilities to go through the day, smile, refreshed, think not of either end. 

Could not say it better, gentlemen and glamorous women (why 'most always at Cafe WIM?) I like to add that since all we do is imperfect it is becoming to play-down our achievements.

We are getting the sense that Wim's "Good Manners" is on the table here. Are we close?


That's close enough. We are interested in any plans now this virtual cafe is doing very well. Are you doing somerhing in the Fall?

Yes, I do. There will be, after years of requests....A CAFE WIM RECIPES BOOK OUT.  Simply in my longhand writing to avoid the imperfect typo.

We sure are totally interested, Wim. Good luck.

I'll keep you posted. See you in the weekend.



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DONE Sending...

Madeleine | Reply 26.07.2018 11:17

Love being here Wim. Being there virtually is good for the soul.

Steven | Reply 13.09.2017 08:40

Such a beautiful little piece, Wim. Thank you for brightening my morning around the table.

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07.09 | 19:54

Delightful. Contact, nice and gentle makes my Big Day.
Love you totally.

07.09 | 15:12

Whether blogs or books, your way with words is both whimsical and interesting. You are a delightful inspiration - please keep writing! Happy Birthday Dad 💝

04.05 | 10:09

Hello. I too would love a copy of the book. I spent many a happy afternoon and evening at Wim in my teens. It was a home away from home.

14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

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