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My Virtual Cafe WIM'Guests and Staff, you said you don't want

so much cold: my cool suggestions and the outside cool, too cold.

Now you can warm yourself at this virtual Cafe. We are living now in 

Le Canada. The Navy SEAL training program comes to mind.

No complaints. No suffering from but control of rain or weather cold.

Like my luxurious friend does it: bought a snowsuit and bicycles away.

Nor should Canada in its size and grandeur be to overwhelming to handle.

He uses a cold water chest splash.

He looked in the mirror, shook his head and mumbled to himself.

He said that he was overwhelmed by the whole structure. He made 

clear that it cannot be understood that he try-out this and that.

Alcohol, pour it on the liver. Lungs are already caged by ribs so stuff

the tissue with smoke. Passing out from drugs is ideal. Feel nothing.

To face the titanic-size body and beauty of Canada, my good friend

does not step aside in a Florida bound carrier for instance.  He is

living with an ideal diet for his 55 year old body  sticking to it just

as his California friends stick to their interior designer's furniture

placement and call the designer for permission to make a change.

True story. When his body fitted to perfection in his snowsuit, he put

his "let's try this and that" in a garbage bag direction: curbside.


Wim, wait just a minute. There is such a thing as reality. This great

country is not quite as userfriendly as Holland  (thanks for the 80s

and 90s Cafe WIM ' a touch-of-Dutch shelter.) We want a douceur. 


Canada is the best for mountainclimbers who like to even the land,

have a "talking to me?" attitude. They like to control circumstances.

But if your prefer the douceur... My friend keeps an eye on the time

between the NOW and...eternity.  So do I. In my 86 year. Follow me.?


Good  coaching for a Cafe keeper, Wim  We'll be back at Virtual Cafe WIM.

Too bad that smoking inside the cafe had to go. Those were the days.


You CAN keep "those were the days" going by checking-out this virtual one.

and ride a bicycle at 105, which not bad for that age-group !!  Salut. 

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07.09 | 19:54

Delightful. Contact, nice and gentle makes my Big Day.
Love you totally.

07.09 | 15:12

Whether blogs or books, your way with words is both whimsical and interesting. You are a delightful inspiration - please keep writing! Happy Birthday Dad 💝

04.05 | 10:09

Hello. I too would love a copy of the book. I spent many a happy afternoon and evening at Wim in my teens. It was a home away from home.

14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

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