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For such a stretch of time: 20 years and seven month did I try to break up the grey that hung over Ottawa: The poles out of Sparks Street, the Eddy smell gone, bicycle path made easier and then..

Cafe WIM. organized the best I know how, but some did not get their beer order after 2 hours, if ever. Yet the sphere that I created brought forth inspired people, real enthusiam.

We should encourage  bright, highly learned, capable politicians to create a sphere or good climate for their own people. That's what all people really want. Surely not war.

 The Korean People should have a beautiful life style. BUILD. No sanctions. BUILD big factories with a very pleasing interior. Give high wages. BUILD sun-heated houses, quite affordable.

Now, they buy a full living room, television, fridge, stove, oven, dinnerware, cutlery, carpets and curtains, gentle lighting, best bedding. Outside garden tools. And THEN ..

Praise their leaders for making a deal that changes a few million lives from under-happy to radiant happiness and sing the praises of their leaders and mean it. 

Enjoy the unbelievable power of  GOOD  MANNERS.  Your  people will wear buttons and T-shirts with colourful talk: like "LOVE YOUR LEADER. HE'S GOT IT RIGHT, BLESS THE BUILDERS"

Didn't John Lennon say, "Peace Is All We Want" ?

Courage to the Leaders who afford us all not the bomb-horror, but dropping many people's high blood level reading. Yes? BUILD, oh mighty builders. Show what goes up, not down.

I saw greyness and I saw a market for underhappy people. Long live a well-organized (better than Cafe WIM lol) world market that will result in wild enthusiasm, shiny eyes beauty.

This is not really a whimsical blog entry. Not on a whim but on purpose to show that a whim can land on its four feet, softly even seriously.





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Wim | Reply 12.03.2018 23.29

I wanedt a word in on up-lifting the situation to-day. Good luck to us all.

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29.05 | 10:20

Sure does. Good to hear from you, Libid . Tell more....

29.05 | 10:16

Please send notification from any page. I just happen to know Iris

05.02 | 10:33

Since opening a cafe in what amounted to a wide hallway to building an emotional empire in the late 90s, you've created what will always be a special place <3

10.08 | 09:35

If you might remember me? We shared a street, we shared a building, we shared a time... Jones & Lee, 453 Sussex Drive, 1969-1983

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