COVID-19 is...

COVID-19 is...

Calling by telephone, I said to my friend

"Virtual Cafe WIM is a safe place to go."

He said, "come to think of it, of course."

"Oke, let's see who is there now already."

I typed in, and:..PACKED.

What totally warming feel. SO many there.

Standing at the Staff table, table 14, I ask

put your cup with speechless Colombian

coffee down for a moment. I have news.

Are you interested in covid-19' latest?

The letter 'A' stands for Answer. Get that?

A.    "yes, Wim we can hear you."

Very good, HAPPY EASTER or you can

also enjoy  WORLD PEACE. 

A.    what are you saying?

We know that covid-19 is dangerous.

No ruling body in the world can 

mobilize an army.

A     Right, Wim they would be too

close together.

True. but 'most all ruling bodies in

the world made trillions of the country's

money available to assist everyone.

A     We were surprised by those amonts

Quite so. all that money is the country's

militairy budget. We are defenseless.

The money was moved to withstand an

other attacker and what do we have ??

WORLD PEACE. There has not been 

news of shots being fired  anywhere.

THAT never happened before in history.

Do you follow me?

A.     yes, Wim that's a big one.

COVID-18 is...a wicked attacker and the

good side: WORLD PEACE.

Please, do finish your coffee. When you

drank it all, it is very quiet everywhere.




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14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

10.03 | 16:17

Hi Wim,
Would like to have your phone number so we can chat.
Groetjes, Jacques

31.10 | 22:28

Love that poem! Well done!!

29.05 | 10:20

Sure does. Good to hear from you, Libid . Tell more....

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