Who tells ME ?

Who tells ME ?

Oh, good grief what a site!!

You did come back my Honourable Guests

and very dear Staff Members.


Virtual Cafe WIM has been sympathetically

closed along with all  others that have to

keep-up paying the rent without 'patrons.'


I am just in to let you know that there is a

"who tells ME" protest rally against the mask.

People carry a yellow ribbon too. You know why.


Some Person in the rally should have the courage

to describe in very fine detail how a Person dies

by suffocation and no one to support, of course.


By lack of understanding just how horrific this is

people will gather to protest the mask-wearing.

Without a photo of someone who cannot breath

and dies leaving all and everything, the rally cry is:


"who tells ME" 

Wim told you.


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Latest comments

14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

10.03 | 16:17

Hi Wim,
Would like to have your phone number so we can chat.
Groetjes, Jacques

31.10 | 22:28

Love that poem! Well done!!

29.05 | 10:20

Sure does. Good to hear from you, Libid . Tell more....

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