Cafe WIM food

Cafe WIM food

Hello Most Admirable Guests and Staff Members,

I see you are all here. Cool place. Good food.

Now U.S.President Trump is in the news: Ovid-19


He knows that the food is irrisistable, usually eaten

eagerly, with zest. Then we all could hear him say:

"You don't have to wear a mask" sure, big surprise.


When that cat was out of the bag, he was furious

that that demolishing-team (Democrats) had cut

the second part: "WHEN YOU ARE EATING"!!!  So,


Pres. Trump cleverly unmasked devious Democrats.

In his earnest efforts to protect, he remembered Bush

to Obama: "careful!, they're comin at ye from all sides."


Enjoy the mask. Don't wear it when you are eating. 🙂

See you soon at a polite distance.                        Wim







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14.03 | 15:21

Where oh where or How do i buy the book ? i cannot find it :(

10.03 | 16:17

Hi Wim,
Would like to have your phone number so we can chat.
Groetjes, Jacques

31.10 | 22:28

Love that poem! Well done!!

29.05 | 10:20

Sure does. Good to hear from you, Libid . Tell more....

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