My name is Joe Biden.

I am old.

I can't do this job by myself.

You must help me.

If you do, no firing.

People I trust stay with me.

Trump good in business deals.

I offer him Commercial Affairs

You need and deserve advice

from our best doctors and I

share their best advice to you.                                                                                    

As much as I trust that you give

your best all American product,

I support big business to sell it.

I stick with you with all my best

advice and knowledge. I am old.

We work together. I will be your 

President.       God bless America.

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Leeann McGovern | Reply 31.10.2020 22:28

Love that poem! Well done!!

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31.10 | 22:28

Love that poem! Well done!!

29.05 | 10:20

Sure does. Good to hear from you, Libid . Tell more....

29.05 | 10:16

Please send notification from any page. I just happen to know Iris

05.02 | 10:33

Since opening a cafe in what amounted to a wide hallway to building an emotional empire in the late 90s, you've created what will always be a special place <3

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